The TRA Double Cross Race

So a couple a years ago Mike Gentilcore came to me with the idea for a 2 cross trail race. (He was actually talking about it for more like ten years but who's counting) Anyway he got serious and we got together to figure it out. I did a concept design and he started to get sponsors and it became a reality! So Chris Janis ,Kyle Keck and myself took on the build. Never building a course like this it had its challenges. Trying to figure out how people could pass and still ride it like trails and/or a dirt comp. It took about two weeks to build with we had great weather. The dirt was really easy to work with, plus the hill had the perfect grade! The only problem we ran into was keeping Mikes twin daughters sled hill in good shape but we pulled it off haha! Thanks to the sponsors for making this happen. Thanks for everyone's help and hard work. Thanks Mike for letting me dig your yard up to make this epic event! You did it buddy.Check out the for updates about the race. Plus check out the digbmx for the photos and article about the race







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