About Pumptracks / FAQs

What is a Pumptrack

A pumptrack is a looping series of BERMS and ROLLERS built for bike riders of all ages and abilities.

Pumptrack built by DirtSculpt in 2014
North Face Bike Park, Town of Carbondale, CO
Photo Credit: Shawn Connor

Why's it called a Pumptrack

Pumptracks are named after the pumping motion that riders use to propel them through the course.  Pumptracks have a start hill that is slightly raised.  Riders use this momentum combined with a pumping motion to maintain speed.

What age and skill level do riders need to be

One of the great things about pumptracks are that they can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities.  We have seen little kids from the age of 2 to big kids as old as 80 riding pumptracks. 

Do I need a special bike

No, pumptracks can be ridden on any type of bike.

I would like more information about getting a pumptrack built in my city or town

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