Dave King

Dave King


Dave King has over 15 years of experience and is acclaimed to be one of the world’s best bike park builders.

Dave’s passion for building bike courses started at the young age of 9 when he began building small BMX jumps behind his parent’s house.  His passion for riding and building bike trails and dirt jumps grew from the small jumps in his parent’s back yard to helping build his local world-renown dirt jumping trails known as Catty Woods.  

After years of professional experience building trails and bmx events for other companies, Dave founded DirtSculpt in 2009.  DirtSculpt specializes in the planning, design and construction of trails, bike parks, and competitive events.

Build History


Blue Mountain Ski Resort 
Palmerton, Pa

Designed and built pumptrack and stryder track for bike park and summer day camp.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers
Guadalajara, Mexico

Added features and recoated park for 2014 event.

Rockburn Skills Park  
Eldridge, Md

Updated jump line and added pumptrack extension.

Trexler Game Preserve
Schnecksville, Pa

Designed multi use trails and E and S plan for possible trail updating and expansion.



Red Bull Trails Loop 
Macungie, Pa

Designed and built trail jumps into a one of a kind log and dirt loop for Redbull athlete.

Basalt Bike Park  
Basalt, Co

Designed and built downhill jump line and small jump line. As well as pumptrack.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers
Guadalajara, Mexico

Designed and built professional dirt park

X Games

Designed and built BMX Dirt course

Rockburn Skills Park
Elkridge, Md

Updated pumptrack and corrected drainage

Blue Mountain Ski Resort
Palmerton, Pa

Designed and build downhill flow trail for mountain bike park



Worked with Elite Trax Inc.

Built Olympic training tracks and Redbull events

Lower Macungie Township.

Designed and provided 3D model of Pumptrack for future project

Grindlab Skate and Bike Park
Camp Hill, Pa

Designed and built small and medium jump lines and pumptrack



Panamerican Games
Guadalajara, Mexico

Designed and built BMX race track for the Panamerican Games

Red Bull Dreamline
Wabasha, MN

Helped design and build BMX downhill jump line for Red Bull

Jaburibari BMX Race Track
Jaburibari, Aruba

Designed and built BMX Olympic Training track



Alexandria, NJ Pump Track
Alexandria, NJ 

Redesigned and rebuilt track and added two new small jump lines

Hackettstown Skate Park
Hackettstown, NJ

Designed, built, and tested dirt jump course for private owned skate park.


2009 and earlier

FBM Brawling at the Belmar
Binghamton, NY

Designed, built, and tested old school single jump contest for REDBULL

Era Race Track Canada
Kingston, Canada

Helped design, build, and test a BMX race track and jump course in three week period

Oakley/Red Bull Demo
Isabella, Puerto Rico

Built pro course for company demo

Dew Tour
Portland, OR

Helped design, build, and test a BMX dirt course in three day period

Red Bull Panama City
Pananma City, Panama

Redbull founded community park course